Far Away, but Close at Heart:

B’tzror Hachaim helps you honor and connect.

We know you’d be there, if you could. Our mission is to help ease your burden. From mounting the headstone to preserving the matzeiva, we help you safeguard the dignity of the deceased.


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Full Time Staff for Cleaning and Restoration


Onsite Minyan and Other Timely Services

המצא מנוחה נכונה

years serving others

Rabbi Rokeach, Founder of B’tzror Hachaim:

“I started this company after working in the funeral industry for many years and noticing that many people needed help after the kevurah in Eretz Yisroel. I received so many requests from people that were finding the language barrier, culture differences, and time zone very difficult to manage. I began helping them, easing complications. My connections and relationship with key individuals in the business really helped smooth the path for all parts of the process to fall into place, including accommodating special requests and personal needs. Families were so grateful for my assistance and I decided to formally establish B’tzror Hachaim so that I could help many others. I feel honored to be able to help people in need and relieve some of their discomfort and pain.”

Clients Talk:

“Things in my life were not going well. In fact, everything that could go wrong- did. I started doing some cheshbon hanefesh and I wondered if maybe it was because of a particular person in my past that I had hurt? The problem was that he was no longer alive. I wanted to send a minyan to visit his kever and ask for mechila- but I didn’t know when he died, or where he was buried. I called B’tzror Hachaim. After two days of investigating, they found the information and were able to send a minyan over to the kever, sending me a picture documenting the scene. I’m so grateful to B’tzror Hachaim for helping me find menuchas hanefesh.”


I contacted B’tzror Hachaim, asking them to perform restoration services on our family plot, which contained several stones. I couldn’t provide the exact location, but they still found the site in the cemetery. After inspecting the stones, they realized that many of them didn’t actually need the services that were ordered. On the other hand, one of the grave stones was about to collapse (it had not been properly built) B’tzror Hachaim sent photos of all the graves,
recommending which services actually needed to be performed. The collapsed grave was rebuilt, while the other stones, which were in good condition, only got the cleaning they needed, without any additional costly services. I was so impressed with their honesty and commitment to provide exactly what we needed.


“I’m an old woman. And I never had any children. There are many aspects of childlessness that are difficult, but now that my husband has passed on, one worry continued to plague me, “Who will make sure I have a proper burial?” When I saw an ad for B’tzror Hachaim, I immediately reached out. They arranged everything for me, placing money in an escrow account, ensuring that I will have a minyan at my funeral. The entire process was taken care of with so much love and respect- I’m so grateful for the peace of mind they have given me. I know that everything will be okay.”